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empanada ala sui


the crust is so soft that you will ask for more :)
the crust is so soft that you will ask for more 🙂
♥  this is my first time to make empanada. it was on analyn’s birthday and we were somewhat up to something new to munch.
at first attempt, the crust was hard and we hardly enjoyed it. then after that, i decided to make another dough and i made it with butter. the result was so soft and it tasted delicious.
but the tricky part is on kneading the dough and i will tell you, it is very hard, hehehe. it’s good exercise for the biceps, though :D.  
but in the end, it’s worth it!

may 2009




♥ this was for some occasion on may 2009. my friends were surprised why i prepared so much food and i said well, it’s friday and we seldom eat some nice food on week days because we are all busy at work. 

i even wanted to cook bulalo but i did not got time to go to the supermarket.

this is for a THANK YOU occasion! it’s only me, myself and i knows what is it…

roasted chicken

spicy roasted chicken

spicy roasted chicken


i made this on ate cindy’s birthday. i mixed garlic powder, soy sauce, black pepper powder, chopped shallots, powdered seasoning and dried chilli. i made it into like a paste consistency and stuffed the cleaned chicken cavity and rubbed the some of it to the chicken.

i roasted it for about an hour and a half. then that’s it!




♥ this is pyuto as ate lalah call it. it is a staple in tausug’s (one of the muslim tribes in philippines) table.  as i know, they serve this instead of rice.

the recipe calls for grated cassava and grated coconut. the water from the grated cassava is then squeezed for it to become dry. then the coconut is mixed and they will then steam it.

after steaming, it will be rolled into like a log and cut it into serving pieces. then topped with grated coconut.

this is good along with inihaw na isda and with ate lalah’s talong salad and kinilaw.

i haven’t made this actually myself but as i was helping her rolling the pyuto, it popped into my mind that inshaALLAH one day i’m going to make this for someone. i wonder if they have ever tasted this.

we do have the sweet version of this but in our place, we haven’t tried to eat it with inihaw na isda or any vian at all.

you may want to try it at home!


bulalo ala sui


♥ this was cooked when madam analyn (that’s what i call her) resigned from her work. it was one of the preparations on her despidida thing.

we made this at the house of our dear Kuya here in Doha. madam analyn decided to have a lunch with them.

night before, we were making plans on what to cook. we came up the idea of this bulalo, hehehe! we were talking about what are the ingredients. and i don’t have any idea myself. i did not realize then that i have to check it in the internet LOL. i got the chance to check for the ingredients after we arrived in our Kuya’s house and we finished eating, hahaha!

well, just at least we got the right ingredients and it tasted like bulalo, of course LOL. and our Kuyas loved it and they were sweating because i made so spicy as you can see the chillis on the picture.

this is my first time to cook bulalo and ALHAMDOLILLAH they asked for more.

 nshaALLAH, i will make it again.